The Entrepreneurial lab takes care of research, training and experiments based around the theme of entrepreneurship.
The aim is to study entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship as the fundamental resource around which the working and developing of businesses and economic systems are based. The objective of the centre is to deepen this topic from a variety of viewpoints, thus developing and adding to the total amount of knowledge that can be a base for:

  • A better understanding of the questions linked to the birth of new businesses and to the role played by entrepreneurs in the various phases of the company’s development
  • Activities aimed at spreading the entrepreneurial culture and providing support to those who wish to set up something new or who are already involved in entrepreneurial ventures.

The centre proposes, in the first instance, to develop research projects which contribute to creating new ideas on the subject of entrepreneurship and on the reality of Italian entrepreneurship.
The centre means to go beyond this and represents a point of reference for the meeting of universities and the world of businesses. This can become a reality both in the bringing to fruition of research projects carried out with private agents, in seminars on entrepreneurship, and in training initiatives geared towards entrepreneurs.
Moreover, the centre participates in the activation of “company incubation”, which aims to deliver a complex set of services which would be a concrete way of helping create and develop new companies.

The present activity of the centre is focused on 3 projects: